Frequently Asked Questions

Is the size of the The MAC represented on this picture accurate?

Yes. The MAC is two stories high (35 feet) plus a clock tower. Memorial Hill is approximately 200 feet high.

What impact on Midway traffic will The MAC have?

Our traffic engineer, Hales Engineering, the leading traffic engineering firm in the State, has stated that the traffic impact of the MAC would be “minimal.”
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Where will the parking lot for The MAC be located?

Parking is governed by the City code. It will be near the MAC and may be partially subterranean. On-street parking will not be necessary.

What do Midway influencers say about The Midway Arts Center?

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During the times when many visitors come to Midway – July and during Swiss Days — High Valley Arts will not only present a Broadway musical in the Main Theater in the evening, but during the day will present in the smaller Youth Theater the short professional musical, “Socks and Souls, the Story of Midway” with the goal of involving residents and visitors in the lives of those who settled our Valley. Over time, other local histories will be dramatized and presented during July and Swiss Days so that those who gave their lives to build what we so value and enjoy will never be forgotten.

Will Wasatch County performing arts groups be able to rent the MAC?

Yes. About 30% of the available time in the three venues (Main Stage, Black Box, and Recital Hall) will be available for local arts groups. The MAC will pursue a Facilities Endowment to lower rental rates for local arts groups.

Will performances In the three venues – The Main Stage, the Black Box, and the Recital Hall – be held at the same time?

No. Each venue will have its own staggered performing time, thus not overwhelming Midway roads with traffic.

Will there be an outdoor amphitheater near The MAC?

No. HVAF is planning to perform outdoors at a new amphitheater in Soldier Hollow.

What is the seating capacity of the Main Stage?

The Main Stage will hold 450 people, about the same number of people as will fit in the Midway Town Hall if every spot holds a chair and all the side benches are filled with people. The Main Stage will have 300 seats on the main level and 150 in the balcony.

What is the seating capacity of the Recital Hall?

The recital hall will hold 125 chairs, making it a lovely space suitable for small receptions, art displays, music recitals, and etc.

What is the seating capacity of the Black Box Theater?

The blackbox theater, which will be used for youth musicals, will hold 250 people, making it suitable for small performances of a variety of types.

Does The MAC have a fly?

No. A fly is a 70-foot tall structure at the back of a stage that allows scenery to be lifted up out of sight during a performance. Instead, The MAC will have a 40 foot wide LED wall, allowing scenery to be displayed beautifully and electronically. The LED wall can be moved to the front of the stage, suitable for conventions, product unveilings, etc.

The Midway Art Association and or other groups will be invited to display their works at one or more of the opening night donor galas. Patrons of the performing arts will be able to enjoy the displays during the gala and will be able to purchase the works at the end of the evening.
How will the plaza in front of the MAC be used during Swiss Days?
Swiss Days booths will not be permitted on the plaza. Instead, visual arts groups like MAA and Mountain Valley Photographers, etc., will be invited to participate in an outdoor display in front of the MAC. Swiss Days visitors may find there is so much to do at Swiss Days that they will want to stay overnight, providing revenues for both businesses and local governments.
Will The MAC present a musical during Swiss Days?

Yes. An appropriate musical performance will be presented later in the evening after Swiss Days closes for the night. Again, this will encourage overnight stays and provide revenues for both businesses and government.

How will The MAC help children gain an appreciation for our country’s freedoms?
Through High Valley Arts’ “Let Freedom Ring!” program, school children in Wasatch County and in nearby communities will be invited to The MAC to present in the Black Box for their friends the short drama provided to them by HVAF. HVAF will provide costumes, sets, and props. After their presentation, a costumed freedom hero, such as George Washington will describe his adventures in gaining America’s freedoms. The students will be invited to climb to the top of Memorial Hill where a real life American freedom hero, a veteran, will describe his experiences in keeping America free. The cost/blessings of freedom should have greater meaning to the young people at the end of that day. Families will also be able to bring their children to participate in similar events.
How will The MAC help the community gain an appreciation for our country’s freedoms?

Every July, HVAF will perform a freedom musical, either one that already exists or an original. This will be performed in the afternoon on the Main Stage and will be accompanied by lectures, art displays, children’s activities, etc. After the performance, patrons will be invited to climb to the top of Memorial Hill where a real life freedom hero, a veteran, will share his/her experiences protecting America’s freedoms.  In the evening, a different Broadway musical will be performed at Soldier Hollow, encouraging patrons to spend the night in the beautiful Heber Valley.

No. In a democracy, the elected and appointed representatives of the people are supposed to hear from those they represent. Ultimately, it is the will of the people, not the private opinions of elected/appointed officials that should carry the day. Hearing from the people in petitions, public hearings, written communications and at the ballot box is not pressure – it is the way government is supposed to work. Over 600 (and climbing) have signed petitions asking our officials to “Bring the MAC to Midway.”

Yes. The Heber group envisions an arts center about twice the size of the Mac to be used by all county art groups, modeled after the Rose Wagner in SLC and Covey Center in Provo. Current plans are that the building will require about 50% government/tax-payer support and that ultimately, the County will maintain the facility. Similar facilities in Utah and Salt Lake counties are supported by 2 million residents living nearby. As Wasatch County currently has 33,000 people, there is some thought that county growth is necessary to support such a building, both with sufficient performing groups to use the space and tax revenues to support it.

The MAC will be privately funded and, similar to the Hale Theaters or Pioneer Memorial Theater, will have a resident theater company (High Valley Arts Foundation). It will also have about 30% of stage time available for rental by community arts groups. Currently Wasatch County has about 8-12 performing arts groups, all of which would likely find sufficient venue time in The MAC.

We support the Heber Valley group and believe both concepts are needed, with the smaller MAC sufficient until the County grows enough to be able to fill a larger community venue funded by taxes.

High Valley Arts has been a major contributor to the cultural well-being of our community and has provided significant economic benefit as well. The 60,000+ people attending performances have bought gas, eaten at restaurants, shopped at stores, stayed at resorts and other accommodations and have otherwise spent money in Midway and the Heber Valley. For 14 years, HVAF has provided wholesome entertainment that has bolstered both local businesses and the City’s tax revenues. The MAC will host not only High Valley Arts as its resident theater company but local arts organizations and other community events as well. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something wonderful for our City and its future. Let’s “Bring the MAC to Midway”!

Contact City Council

If they know you want it, the City Council will approve the Midway Arts Center and more open space. But you MUST let them know!